Binnenhof Reno Matitaputty Who could have imagined that a few months ago? That on a beautiful Saturday morning around ten o’clock I would be completely alone at the Hague Binnenhof? And not just a minute, but fifteen long minutes, while only occasionally a cyclist rolled from one gate to another. No security guards, no military police, noContinue reading “reno”


Cultural changes during a pandemic and their positive outcome Artūrs Goldmanis 2020 started very positively, it seemed to be an adventurous year, and although I had imagined different adventures, my premonition came true. When the first news and discussions about the COVID-19 virus and its spread came out in February, I thought – the virusContinue reading “changes”

Economic and cultural interactions during a pandemic Olga Barbina It can be considered that businesses and organizations that are not represented on the Internet or do not have their own pages on social networks are not taken seriously, thus losing a significant part of potential consumers or being under the radar. A pandemic is forcingContinue reading


JTL Artūrs Goldmanis In order to live a life full of joy, a person needs a hobby in which he feels free. Everyone needs to employ themselves with what they like to prevent their thoughts from everyday problems. In my case, this hobby is “BMX Freestyle”. There are no coaches in this sport, everyone learnsContinue reading “JTL”


SHA AM ME Adelīna Kalniņa “Shame culture is mainly found in traditional, group-based societies. The group plays a key role in the implementation of social norms, and the group punishes individuals by shaming them. The penalty is that the group pays attention to the violation of the rules. An individual’s reaction to shame – asContinue reading “shame”


Please Linda Roze The woman is the holder of the hearth (beggar), and is dependent on the man’s “generosity” (giver).Reduced social status is voluntary because of of the he significance function of culture, or at the moment when collective thoughts begin to be accepted as their own. Real freedom is sold, for apparent freedom.  Continue reading “please”

But mommy

But mommy Spāre Vītola That’s why   This house            I bought only because         there was a cloud on it,            now it’s gone!   Heli Laksone, from the poetry collection ‘’ Soul. Carrot. Water.”